Edinburgh festival Comedy

Here is a alphbetical list of Comedy at the edingburgh festival please click on each on for details and reviews.

Tan’s a Tan For A’ That! – Eric Davidson
Wide Asleep – Z Theatre Company
Late Show – Neil Masters and Underbelly Productions
Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti – Unrestricted View & Big Smile Productions
Who Writes This Crap? – Joel Stickley & Luke Wright/Escalator East to Edinburgh
Mark Allen’s Pet Project – Good Sense of Humour
Summat an’ Nowt – Olivia Neville
Footlights – Devils – Cambridge Footlights
Edward Aczel: Do I Really Have To Communicate With You? – Show + Tell Productions
Pros From Dover – Pros from Dover
Cheese and Pineapple Club – Cheese and Pineapple
Zoe Gardner’s Fault – Festival Highlights
Sammy J in The Forest of Dreams – Sammy J & Heath McIvor
Oxford Revue: Bonfire of the Ottomans – Oxford Revue
Keith Farnan: Cruel and Unusual – Keith Farnan
Liar Show – Liarshow
Lloyd Langford: Not A Lover, Not A Fighter – Lloyd Langford
1000 Years of German Humour – Henning Wehn & Otto Kuhnle
Pete Firman – FlimFlam – Underbelly Productions by arrangement with Objective Talent Management
Richard Herring – The Headmaster’s Son – Avalon Promotions
Dan Nightingale: Geronimo – Gag Reflex Management
No More Mr Nice Guy – James Dowdeswell
Jason John Whitehead – The Joker – Jason John Whitehead
Jesus: The Guantanamo Years – Abie Philbin Bowman
Dan Antopolski Penetrating Gaze – Avalon Promotions
Michael Fabbri – Dumbing Up – Good Sense Of Humour By Arrangement With Lisa White at Glorious Talent
Mark Olver – Ramble On – Avalon Promotions
Craig Campbell – Underbelly Productions by arrangement with Avalon Promotions
Glenn Wool – Goodbye Scars – Glenn Wool
Barry And Stuart: Part-Time Warlocks – Underbelly Productions by arrangement with Objective Talent Management
Political Animal – Avalon Promotions and Underbelly Productions
Murder Most Improvised – Triple Point Comedy
Improverts – EUTC
Sketchatron – www.sketchatron.co.uk
Comedy and Cake – Two Shades of Blue
Alcock Improv – Alcock Players
Boom Jennies: Shindig – Boom Jennies
Sketchy Beast – Paper Bag Equals Yes!
WitTank: Sexy Pudding – WitTank
Duck that Died for No Reason – Frankly, Robert Productions & SUDS Theatre Company
Get Up Stand Up! – WMD Awareness Programme/Mirth Control
Improvised Comedy – On the Spot – Improvised Comedy
Stuart Black – Pale & Confused – After School Club Production
James Sherwood – Songs of Music – James Sherwood
Beginner’s Guide to Happiness – Paul Conneely
Juliet Meyers: Strange Ears – Juliet Meyers
Sally-Anne Hayward – Cyril – Good Sense Of Humour
Stan Stanley – Vintage Andrew – Stan Stanley
Carol Leifer – When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win – DEREVO Theatre
Jamie Kilstein – There Is No God and That’s Okay – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Joke-e-Oke – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Matt Forde’s On Heat – ORF Productions
Amused Moose Comedy’s Hot Starlets – AM Entertainments in Association With 4DVD
Impro Jam: The Karaoke of Comedy – London Impro Jam
Apes Like Me – Smurthwaite
Hysterectomy Boys – Cambridge Medics Revue
2 Comics for Free and a Guest Comic … Also for Free – PBH’s Free Fringe
Andrew O’Neill’s Hour-Long Stand-Up Comedy Show – Good Sense Of Humour/PBH’s Free Fringe
Freestyle Comedy – Free – PBH’S Free Fringe
Caldwell & Rowntree’s Gibbon Rally – Caldwell & Rowntree/PBH’s Free Fringe
Degree of Comedy – Free – Three Graduates and a Drop-out
After Dinner Society Presents … – Richard Brophy/Joey Page/PBH’s Free Fringe
Amadeus Martin & Special P Frederick: Facts Sometimes Based on Actual Events – Free – PBH’s Free Fringe
Dr Brown & Duncan Bolt Are Almost Human – Free – Dr Brown & Duncan Bolt – PBH’s Free Fringe
Chris Cross – Escaping From Reality (!) – Chris Cross
Fringe Taster – Smart City Hostels
FeckArse – The Sketch Comedy Show – FeckArse Productions & UCD Dramsoc
We Smell Like America – Smile and Nod
Arab, the Jew and the Chicken – Conflictrelief
Improphecy Chronicles – Noise Next Door
Evening Without Dignity – Baby Chimp Productions
Electric Cabaret – C presents
Storytellers’ Club – C presents: Storytellers’ Club at The Establishment
Laughing Horse Free Festival Club – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Jaik Campbell: The Audacity of Hopelessness – Free – Stuttering Productions/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Lighthouse Keepers – Free – Three Englishmen/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Angel Delight Is a Dog’s Best Friend – Free – Ben Brown
Aardvarks and Carparks – Free – Aardvarks with Altitude
Homework for Heroes – Free Stand-up – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Turonimo Numpty – Grainne Maguire, Lou Sanders
Dog Day King – Free – Snorri Kristjansson/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Mice Pudding – Free – Electric Mouse Comedy/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Adolescence, Adulthood and the Ever Widening Chasm – Whispies Chasm
Mummy Wow – Free – Mick McGrath and John McGrath / Laughing Horse Free Festival
Comedy O’Clock – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Dan Willis: Ferris Bueller’s Way Of … – Free – Dan Willis
Aidan Bishop/Bachelor Pad – Free – Aidan Bishop/ Laughing Horse Free Festival
Laughing Horse Free Pick of the Fringe – Laughing Horse Free Festival
iStand-Up – Free – Jeremy Leverton/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Club Sandwich – Mike O’Donovan, Paul F Taylor
Britishness – Shelley Cooper
Liz Bentley-on-Sea – Liz Bentley
Edinburgh-on-Sea – Liz Bentley
Secret Fantasies of Alice Pobbs, Aged 35 1/4 – Lippy Lyrics
Crazy Japanese Sit Down Comedy – Entertainer Without Border
Jody Kamali: Backpacker 2 – Jody Kamali
Achtung Pal – LIP Theatre
Happy Now – Young Marriage Club/PBH’s Free Fringe
All Fact, No Fiction – Peter Aitchison/PBH’s Free Fringe
Jason Byrne: Cats Under Mats, Having Chats With Bats – Phil McIntyre Entertainment
Ed Byrne: Different Class – Phil McIntyre Entertainment
Adam, Jason & Friends – Assembly
Best of the Fest 2008 at Assembly @ Assembly Hall – Assembly in Association With STV
Random Observations of a Gap Year Student – Lucy Drever
Generation Divide – Richard Rycroft & Cal Saville
Let’s See What Happens – Scat Pack
Max and Iv?n: Exposed – The Edinburgh Fringe – 4 inch Productions
Northern Humour – Southerners Welcome! – Casey Juniors
Bill Bailey – Tinselworm – Gilded Balloon Productions
Terry Milligan’s ‘Bringing in the Sheep’ – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Angry Little Dropouts – Free – Laughing Free Fringe
Mental! – Free – Pete Wells/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Tania Edwards, Sometimes Interrupted – Free – Tania Edwards/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Festival of Football 2 – Tony Cowards/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Ha Ha! Oink! Present … Filthy Swine! – Ha Ha! Oink
Laughing Horse Free Comedy Selection – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Abando’Man: A Hip Hop Comedy – Free – Rob Broderick
Jonathan Prager’s Comedy Free Festival Encore! – Free – Jonathan Prager – The Serious Comic/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Steve Day – Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – Good Sense Of Humour/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Andy White: I Think Therefore I Joke – Free – Andy White
East-West Comedy Summit – Free – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Hot Box – Hot Box
BUMS Comedy Revue – BUMS Comedy Revue
Chris Mcglade: Tormented (I Just Need Someone To Talk To) – Chris Mcglade
Lunchtime Life Lessons Part II – Free – Padraig Hyland
Knock2bag – Knock2bag
Free Three – Free Three/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Obsessive, Compulsive, Disordered – Free – Nick Pettigrew/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Arthur Smith’s ARTURART 2008 – Zoo Logic & Rupert Gavin
http://www.edfringe.com/shows/detail.php?action=shows&id;=591 – Zoo Logic & Rupert Gavin
One Thing After Another – Tiani Ghosh
Bryan Lacey and the Leaders of the Free World – Bryan Lacey and Tom Davies/PBH’s Free Fringe
Benson and Mugridge – Can’t Weasel, Won’t Weasel – Wahugoy Productions/PBH’s Free Fringe
Dr Brown and the Euro-Eccentrics – Dr Brown and the Euro-Eccentrics
Mersey Uncut Comedy Kollective 1 – PBH’s Free Fringe
Rich Hall: Fifty-Cent Words – Rich Hall/Off the Kerb
Arthur Smith’s Public Lecture – ‘The Toilet Role of ARTURART in the History of Western Representation’ – Zoo Logic & Rupert Gavin
Joanna Neary’s Magic Hole – Avalon Promotions
Roy Walker – Goodbye, Mr Chips – Roy Walker/Brett Vincent for Underbelly Promotions
Alun Cochrane. Owner of a shed. And a son. Thinks the world is wonky. – Assembly in Association With Karushi Management
Chris Neill’s Got A Bun In The Oven – Good Sense of Humour in Association With Noel Gay Artists
Frank Woodley – Possessed – Assembly & Token Events
Count Arthur Strong – The Man Behind The Smile – Komedia Entertainment
Hal Cruttenden Climb Every Molehill – Hal Cruttenden/MWP
Pajama Men: Versus vs. Versus – Second City and Fringe Management
Jeff Green: Life Ache – Off the Kerb
Sean Lock & Friends At The Fringe – BBC Radio 2 & Open Mike Productions
Neil Delamere: Cr�me Delamere – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
Intelligent Finance Comedy Awards Shows at Assembly @ George Street – Intelligent Finance Comedy Awards
Art of Dating and Dumping – Dave Florez
Des Bishop – Tongues – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
Brendon Burns In F**K You I’m Brendon F**king Burns (Again) Part IV – Off the Kerb
Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler – Double Down Hearts – Assembly & Avalon
Matt Kirshen – Keep Smiling, Matt. Just Keep Smiling. – Matt Kirshen/Brett Vincent for Underbelly Promotions
BBC Headroom with Ruby Wax & Friends – Ruby Wax & Friends
Creation Nation – A Live Talk Show – Assembly
Russell Howard: Dingledodies – Avalon Promotions
Feasting On Flesh – Assembly & Strut N Fret
Best of the Fest 2008 at Assembly @ George Street – Assembly in Association With STV
Fool Koller – Eric Koller
How to be Horrid: A Sketch Show – Fairly Familiar Things
Kit & The Widow: Dogged Loyalty – Kit & The Widow
Teechers – University of Lincoln Drama Society
Harbingers – Harbingers
A 2 Zaheer – Zaheer Hirani
Angst of the Not Quite Adult – Michal Grobelny
Tartan Special: Barry & Tommy’s Scottish Comedy Allstars – Tartan Special/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Tom Corbett: Universal Horror – Free – Tom Corbett/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Journey Central Comedy Hour @ Meridian – Free – Journey to … Comedy
Mac’s Lyrical – Free – Mac McFadden/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Late ‘n’ Leith – Free – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Lunchtime Laughs – Free – Richard Rycroft & Cal Saville
Essential Chic Murray – Essential Chic Murray
Walking Talking Dancing Puppets – Gruppo La Caldana
Amused Moose Laugh Off Final – AM Entertainments in Association With 4DVD
If You Like – Four Sad Faces/PBH’s Free Fringe
That Needs Cleaning – Comedy and That / PBH’s Free Fringe
Tillerpop – Matt Tiller / PBH’s Free Fringe
We Want A Radio Show – Men With Characters/PBH’s Free Fringe
Richard Sandling and Stuart Goldsmith in ‘Kiosk Of Champions’ – Free – RICHARD SANDLING AND STUART GOLDSMITH
World’s Most Futile Journey – Peter Buckley Hill’s Free Fringe
30 Year Itch – John Cooper/PBH’s Free Fringe
This Show Belongs to Lionel Richie No 3: Up Arthur’s Seat – This Belongs to Lionel Richie
Shrimps Improv: Workshop of the Day – Shrimps
Rules of Drama and Suspense with Bronya and Siony – Bronya and Siony
Eros Vlahos – Problem Child – Eros Vlahos
People Will Talk: An Improvised Play – Spontaneity Shop
Goodbye Goodbye – Undersigned
Arctic Comedy – Antti Hakala
Edinburgh Harvest Festival – HF Productions
Big Jessie’s bag of drag – Gilded Balloon Productions
Late ‘n’ Live – Gilded Balloon Productions
Rule of Three – Sketchual Healing – Rule of Three
It Is Rocket Science! – Helen Keen
Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe – Mervyn Stutter
Dermot McMorrow: 13 Black Cats in the shape of a Magpie – Edcom8 presents
7 Sins – Fringe Management
Americans – Up Top Productions
Oxford Imps – Oxford Imps
This Show Belongs To Lionel Richie No. 1: Sketch Show – This Show Belongs to Lionel Richie
Jarlath Regan – Relax the Cax – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
Hils Barker: Exhibitionist! – Jeremy Meadow for Something for The Weekend Ltd
Clarkson & Crouch: Away with the Fairies – Erica Fee Productions and Quicksticks
Diet of Worms: Friends of the Puffincat – Edcom8 presents
South By South Wales – Good Sense Of Humour
Ha Ha Hamlet – JC & JW Theatre Productions
JL Roberts and Nadia Kamil Present: Wisecrackin’ Mindsqueezin’ Behemoth – Good Sense Of Humour in Association With Dawn Sedgwick Management
Gamarjobat – The Western – Komedia Entertainment
Damian Callinan in ‘mmm … they’re small’ – Damian Callinan
Liam Mullone: In A Dead Man’s Hat – Liam Mullone
Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden – Gilded Balloon Productions
Hurt Until It Laughs – Leicester Comedy Festival & CVM
Phil Kay – Greatest Hits – Gilded Balloon Productions
Those Young Minds – Leicester Comedy Festival and CVM
Gavin & Gavin – It’s A long Road That Doesn’t Have A Bend – Gavin & Gavin
Nick Revell – Sleepless – Nick Revell in Association With Am Entertainments
Tom Allen – A Voyage Round My Mother – Tom Allen
Wendy Wason – Things I didn’t know I didn’t know – Wendy Wason
Karen Dunbar – Gilded Balloon Productions
Rhona Cameron – Gilded Balloon Productions
Stephen K Amos – Weekend Chat Show – Stephen K Amos
Andrew Stanley: Some Things That Occurred To Me In The Last While That I Thought You Should Know About – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
Maeve Higgins – Kitten Brides – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
Martha McBrier: A Wee Bit About A Lot Of Things – Martha McBrier
Jimeoin On Ice – Geffer Notice Productions & MZA
Return of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
So You Think You’re Funny? – Final – Gilded Balloon Productions
Fiona O’Loughlin – Fiona O’Loughlin
Ali Cook – A Touch of Vegas – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Quincy: Single Mum – Edcom8
Simply Fancy – Pig Island
Sean Grant and Tiernan Douieb – Gilded Balloon Productions & MZA
Grease Lightnin’ Drag Show – Gilded Balloon Productions
Dead Cat Bounce – Edcom8
So You Think You’re Funny? – Heats – Gilded Balloon Productions
Men with Bananas: We Know What You’re Thinking – Men With Bananas
Phil Kay – Gilded Balloon Productions
F**k This Show (You Know You Want To) – Nicole Korkolis and Becky Donohue
Andrew Stanley’s Comedy Mish Mash – Lisa Richards in Association With Edcom8
We Need Answers – Pleasance Theatre
And On Your Left … Ruth Bratt – Ruth Bratt
Funny Women Fringe Awards – Funny Women
Pub Stock – Pleasance Theatre
Russell Kane presents Fakespeare: The Lamentable Tragedie of Yate’s Wine Lodge – Avalon Promotions
Gadabouts – Gadabouts
Plested And Brown In Health And Stacey – Plested And Brown
Philip Escoffey: Six Impossible Things Before Dinner – Jeremy Meadow for Something For The Weekend Ltd
Alyssa Kyria: Woman of the Year? – Alyssa Kyria
Edinburgh and Beyond – Avalon Promotions and Paramount Comedy, sponsored by Magners
Andrew Clover: Dad Rules – Andrew Clover
Matt Green – Grow Up Green – Matt Green
Domestic Godley – Janey Godley
Jonny and Joe Show – Jonny and Joe Show
Markus Birdman: Sympathy For The Devil – Markus Birdman
Amsterdam Underground Comedy Collective Presents Hans Teeuwen/Micha Wertheim – EdCom8
John Gordillo: Divide & Conga – John Gordillo
One Night Stand: An Improvised Musical – One Night Stand
BBC Comedy Presents – BBC
Freeze! – Zoo Logic
Bad Film Club – Bad Film Club
‘Where’s Yak?’ – Where’s Yak? – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Will Stopha Is Feeling a Little Under the Weather – Free – Will Stopha/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Fine Sketchup – The Best in Sketch Comedy – Falling Down With Laughter
Laugh With Dean Scurry – Free – Dean Scurry/Laughing Horse Free Festival
I Need Your Love – Soumaya
Hollywould … but doesn’t think she’ll bother – Free – Holly Burn/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Dench! Or How Dame Judi Got Her Groove Back – 2A9 Productions
Bite-Sized Improvised Televised – Free – Rob Broderick & Padraig Hyland
Bavarian Tradition Show – Free – Vroni Holzmann/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Ahir Shah and Alex Maple: One Boy. One Man. Two Comedians. – InvAsian Festival
Lord Buckley – clubWEST
Tealights Are For lovers – Leeds Tealights Comedy Collective
Brigitte Aphrodite in Suburban Hell – AphroJamm
Bunny Galore Live and Sedated – Tat Productions
All-Star Magic and Comedy – Direct from San Francisco! – Comedy on the Square
Poet’s Work is Never Done – Luke Wright
Zoo Idol – Zoo Events
Comedy Gala 2008 – In Aid Of Waverley Care
So You Think You’re Funny? – 21st Birthday Gala – Gilded Balloon Productions
Clive James In the Evening – Jeremy Meadow
Terry Saunders – BBC Radio 4
Loose Ends – BBC Radio 4
John Hegley – Beyond Our Kennel – John Hegley
Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! – BBC Radio 4
Cowards – BBC Radio 4
Just A Minute – BBC Radio 4
Domestic Goddi – Avalon Promotions
Reception – Avalon Promotions
Best of Edinburgh Comedy 2008 – The Showcase Show – EdCom8
Pegabovine: Polite Club – Pegabovine
School of Comedy – Comedy
Alpha Males – Adam Riches
Armando Iannucci’s Charm Offensive – BBC Radio 4
Adams & Rea – Adams & Rea
Deborah Frances-White’s ‘How To Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep With You – The Advanced Class’ – Jeremy Meadow for Something For The Weekend Ltd
Zimbani – Avalon Promotions
Tommy and the Weeks – Powershow! – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Will & Greg – A Sketch Show – Comedy Unit Production
Girl and Dean – Girl and Dean
Isy Suttie: The Suttie Show – Avalon Promotions
Paul Merton’s Impro Chums – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Mould & Arrowsmith: A Sketch Show in PowerPoint – Mould & Arrowsmith
Pluck: The Titanic Show – Pluck
Ladies In Waiting: Brownie Re-union – Carolina Giammetta & Charlotte Palmer
Laurence Clark: Spastic Fantastic! – Laurence Clark
Ivan Brackenbury’s Hospital Radio Christmas Show – Ivan Brackenbury
Pippa Evans and other lonely people – Pippa Evans
Isabel Fay: Don’t Let a Gift Horse in the House – Isabel Fay
Lucy and Des Show Off … – Lucy Porter and Des Clarke
Watson & Oliver – Watson and Oliver
Nicholas Parsons’ Happy Hour – Nicholas Parsons
Danny Robins – Dannyfest – Danny Robins
Stephen Grant – Second – Stephen Grant
Umbrella Birds – Umbrella Birds
Tim FitzHigham – Tim FitzHigham
Chris Cox: Control Freak – Chris Cox
Meeting – Zoo Logic Presents House of Windsor
Pappy’s Fun Club: Funergy – Pappy’s Fun Club
Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show – Scratch
Aeneas Faversham Forever – www.pennydreadfuls.co.uk
Steve Williams: The Ultimate Worrier – Avalon Promotions
Tom Wrigglesworth: I’m Struggling To See How That’s Helping – CKP by arrangement with Comedy Store Management
Justin Moorhouse’s Ever Decreasing Social Circle – Justin Moorhouse
AAA Stand-Up – AAA Stand-Up
Sarah Millican’s Not Nice – Chambers Management
Nick Doody – Tour of Doody – Nick Doody
4 At The Fringe – BBC Radio 4
Lucy Porter – The Bare Necessities – Lucy Porter
Alex Horne – Wordwatching – Avalon Promotions
Mark Watson: All The Thoughts I’ve Had Since I Was Born – Mark Watson
Rhod Gilbert – Rhod Gilbert
Russell Kane: Gaping Flaws – Avalon Promotions
Paul Tonkinson – The Anti Mid-Life Crisis – Paul Tonkinson
Andrew Maxwell’s Supernatural – Andrew Maxwell
Felix Dexter – Not Just Another White Guy Lost In The Shuffle – Felix Dexter
Andrew Bird: This Is Ten Years From Now – Andrew Bird
Simon Brodkin is Lee Nelson – Avalon Promotions
Two Episodes of Mash – Avalon Promotions
Steve Hall: Vice-Captain Loser – Avalon Promotions
Jon Richardson: Dogmatic – Jon Richardson
Will Hodgson: Chippenham On My Shoulder – Will Hodgson
Otis Lee Crenshaw – Rich Hall
Des Clarke – Desire – Des Clarke
Dan Atkinson: The Credit Crunch and Other Biscuits – Avalon Promotions
Portrait of Shazia Mirza – Shazia Mirza
Stephen K Amos – Find The Funny – Stephen K Amos
Omid Djalili – Live 2008 – Omid Djalili
Tim Minchin – Ready For This? – Gilded Balloon Productions
Josie Long – All of the Planet’s Wonders (Shown in Detail) – Josie Long
Josh Howie – Chosen – Chambers Management
Luke Toulson: There Are So Many Things I Can’t Do – Luke Toulson
Bernard O’Shea – Do Not Adjust Your Mind, Reality is at Fault – Mick Perrin for Just for Laughs Live
Barbershopera – Toni & The Guys
Louis CK: Chewed Up – Louis CK
Tim Vine – Punslinger – Tim Vine
Ian Stone – Where’s the Down? – Ian Stone
Old Rope In the Courtyard – Tiffany Stevenson and Guest Hosts
Comedy Zone – Avalon Promotions
Danielle Ward in Glorious Technicolor – Avalon Promotions
Real Daniel O’Donnell Show Presents: The Clock Hour – Real Daniel O’Donnell Show
Fascinating Aida – Fascinating Aida
Laughing Horse Free Late Night Comedy Club – Laughing Horse Free Festival
CockSure Cowboys Present: Nostalgia – CockSure Cowboys
ComedySportz @ Laughing Horse Free Festival – ComedySportz
This Show Belongs to Lionel Richie No 2: Stand-Up – This Belongs to Lionel Richie/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Wha’choo Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis – FREE! – Dan Willis
Nik Coppin – Stuff – Good Sense Of Humour/Laughing Horse Free Festival
About an Hour – Free – Ham Yard Tourists/Laughing Horse Free Festival
Chris Brooker: Unstoppable @ Laughing Horse Free Festival – Chris Brooker
Shaggers – Laughing Horse Free Festival
Worst Zoo in Britain – Tudur Owen
Literally – Parryphernalia
Golden Age of Magic – Ian Kendall
Magic to Get Girls By – Kevin McMahon and Alan Hudson
Rants of Ringo – Gregory O’Connor
Fuzzy Logic – Fuzzy Logic Productions
Friends of Old Joe – WatchThis
Cheerio! The End of the World Show – Dead Duck Productions
Shambles – Dead Duck Productions
Picasso at the Lapin Agile – Arkle Theatre Company