Edinburgh festival Dance & physical theatre

Here is a alphbetical list of Dance & physical theatre at the edingburgh festival please click on each on for details and reviews.

Twoanda Fouranda Sixanda Eight – Quick Fix Dance
Love Still Unrequited – LSU Theatre
Dance! – Get Moving! – Rahway Dance Theatre
Driven at Bedlam Theatre – Neel de Jong
Nycht-Hemeron – Outside In Theatre
Everyone We Know – Unspoken Agreement
Night at the Movies – Gallimaufry & Greene
Augury and Entropy – HerPic Performances
Transgression – EHX
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches – Acting Thru Dance
Mr Gong’s Hair Salon – Dae Gu Metropolitan Theatre Company
Dance Base Presents … Irish Cream – Dance Base & Dance Ireland
Dance Base Presents … Inbetween – Cie. Willi Dorner
Dance Base Presents … Aurora Borealis – Lazzi
Dance Base Presents … Heads Up – Dance Base
Dance Base Presents … Alan Lucien Øyen & X Factor Dance Company – Dance Base
Dance Base Presents … Rosie Kay Dance Company & Odd Johan Fritzoe – Dance Base
Dance Base Presents … parallel/parallels – Plan B
Bale de Rua – Dance & Percussion of Brazil
How It Ended – You Need Me
Absolutely Legless – Absolutely Legless
Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs present ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ featuring Corpse De Ballet – Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs
Blank Album – Gilmore Productions
Mime For Laughs! – Mono-mime Comedy Theatre
Hamlet Episode – Daegu City Modern Dance Company
Dancing Forth – RSCDS Edinburgh
Mythellaneous – Messenger Theatre Company
Shut Up! – Listen! – Theatre Company ‘SU’
Flamenco Tablao – Artistas Flamencas
Mudfire – Carpetbag Brigade
Vanishing Point – Carpetbag Brigade
Sushi Tap Show – Tokyo Tap Do!
Flamenco for Lunch – Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow
Journey Through the World of Dance – Twisters-UK
Damned Beautiful – Helix Dance
Tea Dance – Fly Right Dance Company
Flamenco, Flamenco! – Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow
InvAsian Festival: Kathakali ‘Kalyanasawgandhikam’ – Dance Ihayami
InvAsian Festival: Spice of Life – Spice Entertainment
InvAsian Festival: Family – Lunatic Company
InvAsian Festival: Asmâkam – The Quest – SB Dance
InvAsian Festival: Coral’s ‘Red’ Dance & Kimho Ip’s Music – Coral Lee & Kaleidophone
InvAsian Festival: Rainbow Ride – clubWEST & Dance Ihayami
InvAsian Festival: Kanaka Sabha – Dance Ihayami Showcase – Dance Ihayami
InvAsian Festival: Vismayaha – Dance Ihayami
InvAsian Festival: Akademi’s Daredevas – Akademi South Asian Dance UK
InvAsian Festival: Skywalk – Skywalk
InvAsian Festival: Arirang Party – Lunatic Company
Three Short Stories – No Plot – NYD in Association With New English Contemporary Ballet
Aequus – Jean Abreu
Holdin’ Fast – DOT 504/Czech Republic @ the Fringe 2008
Rise – Tom Dale Company/Escalator East to Edinburgh
Angel and the Woodcutter – Cho-In Theatre
Interrupt – Collisions Dance
10 – Momentum Dance
Scottish Dance Theatre – Scottish Dance Theatre
Factory – Precarious
Samurai Spirit – Kamui
Step Into Africa 3 – Cafda Youth Dance Company 34/18
Gospel of Anton – DEREVO Theatre
Behind The Mirror – Ad Infinitum
Gymnast – Empty Space and Jane Arnfield in Association With Northern Stage, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Pericles Redux – Not Man Apart – Physical Theatre Ensemble
Sa-choom – Dobecom
Polaris – Adriatic: Vojta ?vejda, Jan Bene?-McGadie/Czech Republic @ the Fringe 2008
Lost in the Wind – Lost Spectacles
Danceforms’ ‘The 42nd International Choreographers’ Showcase’ – Dance-Forms Productions
Others/The Adoption Papers – Martial Dance and MYDC in Association With macrobert
Lie-in, the Itch and the Whore’s Robe – on the VERGE
Hopes and Dreams of Other Lives – Wirksworth INdependDANCE
Driven at Rocket @ Demarco Roxy Art House – Neel de Jong
Judgment of Paris – Company XIV/Fringe Management